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Microsurgery Training Institute

Teaching - Direct instruction guides each student's progress from introductory through advanced skill levels. The courses are designed for the beginning periodontal microsurgeon. They are of value to periodontists who plan to use the surgical microscope but also intended for those who wish to advance to a new surgical skill level using loops. Each course runs 2 days and comprises four hours of lecture and twelve hours of supervised laboratory practice. Teaching is by video tape, live video, slide lecture, and individual, one-on-one instruction in classical microsurgical technique.

Equipment - The titanium microsurgical instruments provided are of the finest quality available and maintained to extremely high tolerances. Clinical grade microsutures with the finest needles are provided. Tissue simulation models are employed to practice microsurgery on oral and periodontal tissues. These include latex and various polymers to duplicate the handling characteristics of living tissue. Throughout the course, each participant has the undivided use of a complete set of microsurgical instruments and a surgical operating microscope. To provide for maximum individual instruction, each course is limited to eight surgeons.

Facility - Special features combine to make this workshop a transformational learning experience in periodontal education. The MTI training facility is specifically designed for teaching periodontal microsurgery. Learning is structured and stress-free. To maintain mental and physical relaxation, concentrated practice is followed by scheduled breaks. Surgeons are encouraged to learn at their own pace without competition and with speed discouraged.


Microsurgery Training Institute


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