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Basic courses in Periodontal Microsurgery are offered exclusively at the Microsurgery Training Institute in Santa Barbara, California. Courses are practical and theoretical, with primary teaching focus on developing clinical skills that comprise excellent microsurgical technique. MTI is the first to introduce Microsurgery training courses in history.  MTI is the only facility entirely dedicated to in depth training of Periodontal Microsurgery that has a recognized curriculum in accordance with The Society of Microsurgery Specialists.

Since 1995 hundreds of dentists, from around the world, have come to Santa Barbara for training in periodontal microsurgery. Over half of the MTI graduates return to their offices having made a decision to implement the use of a microscope in their practices.

Those who decide to continue using loops report their surgical ability has increased immeasurably due to the skills and knowledge acquired during the MTI Microsurgery Workshop. The basic tenants we teach are atraumatic technique, clean incisions, accurate suturing and precise wound closure. These principles comprise a philosophy of surgical practice that makes each doctor a better surgeon. In an unhurried, non-competitive and structured environment of reason and knowledge, the MTI workshops truly provide a transformational experience for periodontal surgeons.

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